Modeling Life : The Mathematics of Biological Systems

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Modeling Life : The Mathematics of Biological Systems

Main Entry : Garfinkel, Alan. author

Title Statement : Modeling Life : The Mathematics ofBiological Systems

Classification number : QH324.2-324.25

Edition Statement : 1st.ed.

Publication, Distribution : New York : Springer, 2005

Physical Description : XV, 445 p. 353 illus., 299 illus. in color. Online resource.

ISBN : 978-331-95-9731-7 eb

From predator-prey populations in an ecosystem, to hormone regulation within the body, the natural world abounds in dynamical systems that affect us profoundly. This bookdevelops the mathematical tools essential for students inthe life sciences to describe these interacting systemsand to understand and predict their behavior. Complexfeedback relations and counter-intuitive responses arecommon in dynamical systems in nature; this book developsthe quantitative skills needed to explore theseinteractions. Differential equations are the naturalmathematical tool for quantifying change, and are thedriving force throughout this book. The use of Euler’smethod makes nonlinear examples tractable and accessibleto a broad spectrum of early-stage undergraduates, thusproviding a practical alternative to the proceduralapproach of a traditional Calculus curriculum.