Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality

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Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality

Main Entry : edited by James M. Nelson

Title Statement : Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality

Edition Statement : 1st ed.

Publication, Distribution : Springer New York 2009

Physical Description : online resource

ISBN : 978-0-387-87573-6 (eb.)

Summary: The past century has seen the relationship between psychology and religion progress from wary antagonists to strange bedfellows to complementary worldviews. Psychology,Religion, and Spirituality is designed as a text that reflects this history while illuminating the robust dialogue that continues to accompany it. The elegant,accessible coverage ranges from early psychological critiques of religion and responses from major religious thinkers to positivist and constructivist philosophies;from Jung^'s archetypes to neurobiological research into the religious brain; from scientific constructs of prayer,meditation, and mindfulness to collaborative interventions for mental health.