Handbook of Sociological Theory

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Handbook of Sociological Theory

Main Entry : edited by Jonathan H. Turner

Title Statement : Handbook of Sociological Theory

Edition Statement : 1st ed.

Publication, Distribution : Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2001

Physical Description : XIII, 745 p. online resource

ISBN : 978-0-387-36274-8 (eb.)

Summary: Sociology is experiencing what can only be described ashyperdifferentiation of theories - there are now manyapproaches competing for attention in the intellectualarena . From this perspective, we should see a weeding outof theories to a small number, but this is not likely tooccur because each of the many theoretical perspectiveshas a resource base of adherents. As a result, theories insociology do not compete head on with each other as muchas they coexist. This seminal reference work was broughttogether with an eye to capturing the diversity oftheoretical activity in sociology - specifically theforefront of theory. Contributors describe what theythemselves are doing right now rather than what othershave done in the past. The goal of this volume is to allowprominent theorists working in a variety of traditions -who wouldn^'t usually come together - to review their work.The chapters in this volume represent a mix of theoreticalorientations and strategies, but these these theories arediverse and represent the prominent theoreticaldiscussions in sociology today. Some areas included are:Section I: Theoretical Methodologies and StrategiesSection II: The Cultural Turn in Sociological TheorizingSection III: Theorizing Interaction Processes Section IV:Theorizing from the Systemic and Macrolevel Section V: NewDirections in Evolutionary Theorizing Section VI:Theorizing on Power, Conflict, and Change SectionVII:Theorizing from Assumptions of Rationality This handbookwill be of interest to those wanting a broad spectrum andoverview of late 20th - early 21st century sociologicaltheory